Advertising FAQs

Advertising FAQs

Fact: QNNtv reaches a highly targeted and dedicated audience. 55% of our viewers have reported buying products seen on QNNtv.

Fact: We provide our advertisers with monthly reports to help you assess the effectiveness of your advertising on QNNtv.

Shop Locator
Advertise your online or brick and mortar shop inexpensively to an international audience in our Shop Locator. This is an easy way to draw our audience to your web site, and perhaps to a special page promoting an exciting product exclusive to your shop.

Site Advertising
Box Ads – Run beside the video player on a rotational basis, giving a video-like quality to the ads and therefore more exposure.
Skyscraper Ads- Run in right or left hand column

Newsletter Advertising
Published every Wednesday, our newsletter is distributed free of charge, with an average open rate of 23% and our subscriber base grows with each issue.

Custom Series
Create your own series on any length and number of shows. We’ll tape, edit and air it. And even give you a copy!

Quilt Market Videos
Introduce QNNtv viewers to the products you are introducing at International Quilt Market through the most effective medium there is: video! While you’re at Market we will produce a promotional video in our studio and air it in the free video section of QNNtv.

Sponsored Video
Do you have your own ad or show that you’d like to air on QNNtv? We can air your promotional programming in the free video area of QNNtv.

QNNtv’s Video Encyclopedia of Quilting
At QNNtv we call the shots and product placement is what it’s all about. Have your product be part of the ultimate reference tool for quilters: a video encyclopedia.

Please contact Cristy to discuss your advertising needs and to obtain a complete media kit.

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