Designing Reproduction Fabric with Bobbe Benvin

Quilt Out Loud #405

Trends in quilting are exciting and fresh, but traditional designs are forever popular and interest always cycles around. Mark shows the scrappy quilt he designed for the Nov/Dec issue of Love of Quilting magazine using reproduction fabrics. Modern or traditional: design and fabric choices are the key! Jodie visits with Bobbe Benvin who has combined her love of history and quilting to find her niche in the world of antique quilts, designing reproduction fabric.

 Jodie continues her conversation with Bobbe Benvin. Bobbe was inspired by the quilt treasures of the York County Heritage Trust in Pennsylvania to collect antique quilts of the pre-Civil War era, most in the 1840’s time period. In this segment Bobbe shows the original quilts and the reproduction fabrics she designed from them for P & B Textiles.

 Bobbe Benvin shows more of her resource material in the form of vintage quilt blocks and fabrics. Bobbe shows a vintage fabric of an eagle and wreath design and the more usable fabric designed. Bobbe’s fifth collection, Early Finery, was based on individual vintage quilt blocks she collected.

Jodie and Mark review Home Sweet Quilt by Jill Lily and show two of the fresh and modern quilts from the book.

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