Behind the Scenes with Judy Allen at Quilt It! The Longarm Quilting Show


The actual taping of the shows goes quickly. It takes a lot of prep beforehand and on site to make that so. Here Vicki Hoth is putting the finishing touches on Judy’s sample in the Handi Quilter machine. It’s amazing the depth of knowledge of everyone on the set. I just want to stay and play and learn hands on!

As Judy unpacked she brought out pages and pages of gorgeous feather patterns she had drafted. Once we got taping she showed how she drafted them by hand with templates.

Of course, the inevitable happened. Judy found she had too many patterns! Piles and piles of them!

So, she decided she had to go digital to solve her storage problem.

That turned into a whole new design dimension. She discovered Art ‘n Stitch and the rest is history! This amazing design tool – which I know and she said is very easy to use – has her designing ever more patterns. How about those stacks, I asked her? You know the answer!

Watch Judy Allen on the May 2012 episode of Quilt It! The Longarm Quilting Show


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