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Thanks to the vehicle of worldwide web delivery,’s audience harks from over 70 countries. In fact, 30-35% of’s viewers watch from outside of the United States. With quilting programming virtually non-existent on television outside the U.S., this is a boon to overseas quilters– and to advertisers as well. Advertisers have reported significant increases in sales after appearing on, and even being picked up by overseas distributors. opens the door for anyone looking to realize the dream of their own quilting show. When Tricia Sherman from Vancouver, BC saw for the first time she thought, “I can have my own show on!” And she did! She bankrolled her first “The Great Canadian Shop Hop” herself, and has now found funding from the Canadian quilting industry to shoot more episodes. The Electric Quilt Company reaches a targeted audience with their “Do You EQ?” series which instructs viewers on how to use their quilt design software and products. This would never happen on traditional distribution channels. And if it did, how many quilters would see the shows?

Our viewers respond to what they see on Fifty-five percent have purchased something they saw on While 84% of viewers feel safe ordering on the Internet, 93% feel safe ordering from advertisers.

Be an Advertiser on offers a unique opportunity for you to promote your product to a highly targeted worldwide audience. What makes us so unique? Video.  With the largest library of quilting video anywhere online, we attract dedicated quilters. The Internet and give anyone the ability to learn how to use their quilting products, with no censorship of brand names, logos, or usage of company names and we make it easy to send viewers directly to you.

We offer many options from simple banner ads and rotating flash ads, to guest spots on shows and even your own series airing on
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Message to the Quilting Industry from Jodie Davis, President of

Dear Friends in the Industry,

As a many time author, teacher and show host, I know the power of creativity in making a difference in people’s lives, and have been lucky to have had a career giving quilters the gift of making something.  When I was asked to take over, I thought long and hard. I knew it would be an upward struggle to create something so new that even the big thinkers with big backing hadn’t figured out how to pull off profitably.

My mission at, and why I took up the challenge, is to spread the joy of making things; and in doing so, move the ball for the industry I love. I envision an Internet video channel as an industry-changing opportunity to reach many more people than traditional distribution channels had allowed previously—and with the reins in our hands.

Controlling our own airwaves gives us as an industry the ability to reach an unprecedented number of quilters and will-be quilters all over the world. flings open the door to anyone who wishes to reach a passionately dedicated audience. And with the Internet, we have the opportunity to introduce and nurture would-be quilters in a scope never imaginable before.

As has proven already, showing how sells products. Education is key to the growth in any how-to field. By creating a go-to place to learn about everything quilting, we magnetize the World Wide Web and make quilting its very own sticky web-within-a-web. That’s what is.

With this tremendous platform on which to educate the world about quilting, viewers get endless hours of quilting programming and advertisers get a highly targeted and passionate audience who, since they are watching on the Internet, have immediate access to further information about and the ability to order products.

It has been my honor to focus my creative energy on I believe that with this educational platform we have the power to grow quilting and create a huge win-win for the industry, and above all, quilters. Under our new ownership the dream is becoming a reality. I look forward to spreading the joy of quilting and growing our industry.

Jodie Davis

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