Explosions in Color Exhibit in New York City

Moonglow by Carol Taylor is part of the Explosions in Color exhibit

at the Art Quilt Gallery NYC in Manhattan running through October 29.

The Art Quilt Gallery NYC is exclusively focused on a single art form: quilts, whose  aesthetic range, creative spirit, execution, and sheer beauty make this a compelling art, yet one that is rarely displayed in New York.  We believe our patrons will be impressed with the range and quality of work.  Opened on April 5, 2011, The Art Quilt Gallery NYC features the best quilts from around the world.

The current exhibit, Explosions in Color, dramatically showcases the vibrant colors, striking contrasts, use of value, as well as dense quilting and embroidery that distinguish Carol Taylor’s quilts and make them visually stunning artworks.  Internationally known, award-winning quilt artist, Carol Taylor, approaches her art with intensity and a seemingly boundless energy.

Visit the gallery and then step into the fabulous quilt shop, The City Quilter. It’s quiting heaven right in the city!


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